Why Accepting The Insurance Company’s Initial Settlement Offer is a Big Mistake

If you've been seriously injured a Dallas-Fort Worth motorcycle accident, you should expect extended medical treatment for your injuries. What you might not expect is the at-fault driver's insurance company to visit you in your hospital room. It might sound extreme, but as a personal injury attorney helping injured riders across North Texas since 1991, I've seen it happen.

The reason that the insurance adjustor might turn up unannounced when you're trying to recover is that they want to close the case as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Chances are, they'll try and sell you on that notion too. They'll write you a check and apologies for the inconvenience their client has caused. "No need to get a lawyer involved and you can put the wreck behind you and get on with your life." It sounds too good to be true - and it is.


You should never accept an insurance company's initial settlement offer until you've consulted with an experienced PI attorney. If you've been injured in a traffic collision - or any other kind of accident - you are entitled to make a claim for damages to cover all past and future medical bills related to the crash, claim any salary payments you lost out on because you were unable to work, and also compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured. The check that the adjustor is trying to get you to accept won't come anywhere near that.

I can't count the number of times someone has come to me asking for help after making this mistake. They gratefully took a check for $5,000 a couple of days after the accident, only to realize they had more than $25,000 in medical debt alone. Unfortunately, there's not a single thing I could do for these people. By accepting the insurance company's initial offer, they had basically signed away their legal rights. They were stuck with the bad decision they'd made.

Seek the advice of a board certified personal injury attorney. It's important that you fully understand what your legal rights are before you do something which you'll regret for the rest of your life. Since unpaid doctor bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in America, it is essential that you are sure you're doing the right thing. After all, if the wreck was not your fault, why should you be the one to pay? You've already suffered enough. Let the insurance company foot the bill - that's what we all have insurance for in the first place!

Even if you have health insurance - beware: your provider may have a clause where they can refuse to pay for treatment caused by motorcycle accidents.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident which was not your fault, give us a call today for a no fee, no obligation consultation on your personal situation. We will also give you a free copy of Mark Anderson's book Roadmap To Winning Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case. Call toll free at 800-354-MARK (6275) or locally at 817-294-1900 in Fort Worth, or 214-327-8000 in Dallas.

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