Tanker Truck Accidents in Texas: A Lawyer Explains

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Tanker truck accidents and explosions aren't like regular commercial truck wrecks. While truck wrecks are often serious and involve catastrophic damages an injuries, 18-wheeler cargo isn't inherently dangerous. Tanker truck cargo often is. 

Tanker trucks transport all kinds of flammable and poisonous liquids and gases across the country like gasoline, diesel and industrial chemicals. When a tanker truck wrecks, there's potential for this cargo to explode, which leads to even greater and more widespread injuries. Victims in tanker truck wrecks can be poisoned or burned in the accident on top of the "usual" risks associated with semi truck wrecks. 

Key Points from This Article

  • Damages and Insurance Limits in a Tanker Truck Wreck
  • Why Tanker Truck Companies Don't Want to Pay Victims
  • Compensation Victims Deserve


Tanker Truck Insurance Limits and Victim Damages

Tanker trucks are required to carry a minimum of $3,000,000 in insurance. Three million dollars might sound like a lot, but given the nature of tanker truck accidents, it's justified. 

It's not surprising that victims of tanker truck accidents face hardships. Between medical bills, vehicle damage and the mental and emotional strife, expenses quickly add up. The total sum of these expenses, also known as "damages," is what the tanker truck company (and their three million in insurance) is supposed to cover. Tanker truck companies have a duty to compensate anyone who'd been hurt in an accident they caused. Unfortunately, it doesn't always go that way. 


Why Tanker Truck Companies Don't Want to Pay Victims 

Commercial trucking companies are big businesses. Even though they carry large insurance policies to cover themselves if one of their drivers wrecks, they will still attempt to avoid paying anyone who was hurt in the accident.

First, by paying other drivers who were hurt in the accident, the truck company is admitting they made a mistake. This is horrible for PR. Second, tanker truck insurance companies are just like any other business - they want to maximize their profits and minimize their losses. The more money they pay out in claims, the less they get to keep. 

If you've been hurt in a tanker truck wreck, I implore you to find an attorney. Without the experience of a lawyer, you'll have a very hard time convincing the truck's insurance company to pay you the compensation you deserve. 


Compensation Tanker Truck Wreck Victims Deserve

Texas law gives personal injury victims (and the relatives of wrongful death victims) the right to seek compensation from tanker truck companies after a wreck. This includes the following: 

Financial Costs Like Medical Bills

If you've been hurt in an accident caused by a tanker trucker, you shouldn't have to pay for your own medical bills, car replacement or any other expenses that can be linked to the accident. You can be compensated for doctor's visits, tests, labs, surgeries, physical therapy and any long-term medical treatment you'll require. You can recover money to repair or replace your car. You deserve compensation for all the bills that can be itemized, past, present and future. 

Pain and Suffering

Not all damages are tangible. Some, like the "cost" of a permanent disability, have a price that isn't easily qualified. However, these are also worth something. Unrecoverable appendages, scars and mental anguish are things that you will carry with you forever. You deserve to be compensated for that. 

Wrongful Death

If you've lost a loved on in a tanker truck wreck, there's no way to put a price on the anguish that you've faced. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pursue compensation for your loss. Like the rest of your damages, the intangible pain and suffering ought to be compensated. Similarly, you deserve money for tangible losses after the death of a loved one, like loss of income. 

In order for you to recover damages after a tanker truck wreck, you'll need an attorney who can convey in clear, certain terms how these costs (both tangible and intangible) have hurt you. 


Fort Worth's Anderson Law Firm Can Help

Have you been hurt in a tanker truck accident in Texas? 

Given all these points, it would seem like truckers would be unfailingly careful while driving their tankers. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. If a negligent trucker caused your wreck, you need a veteran tank truck accident attorney on your side - like Mark Anderson and the Anderson Law Firm. With over 20 years of experience, Mark Anderson knows how to pinpoint negligence and fight for your rights to win you the compensation you deserve. 

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