The Ins and Outs of a Keller Dog Attack Injury Claim

Injuries that result from a dog attack can leave obvious, physical injuries, but it can also cause a great deal of mental anguish. Every dog attack victim deserves a lawyer who will aggressively fight on their behalf for an appropriate amount of compensation. Keller personal injury lawyers are here to do just that.


Dog bites can leave noticeable scars that will forever serve as a reminder for a dog attack victim. Disfigurement and scars add value to a claim because it can also cause severe psychological damage. Dog attacks can cause serious injuries that some can't even believe are possible, such as traumatic brain injuries, serious facial disfigurement, skull fractures and tissue loss.


It is a common misconception that you can only make a claim against the negligent dog owner if it is known and can be proven that his or her animal has previously attacked someone else. The only thing that truly needs to be proven is that the dog owner or caretaker was negligent in allowing the dog out of a confined area. Whether they failed to keep the dog on a leash in public or they failed to close the gate and the dog got out, these are ways that the caretaker was negligent in his or her actions.


With Keller having so many residential areas with countless neighborhoods, the number of dog owners is most likely equally as high. Dog owners need to be aware of the danger their dogs can pose to innocent bystanders, and how they can also be held liable for the actions of their dogs. In general, everyone needs to understand their rights when it comes to dog attacks. Even if it is the dog of a neighbor or friend, you are always able to and should make a claim against their homeowner's insurance.


Make sure you choose a personal injury lawyer who is experienced with dog attack claims; there are many lawyers who don't fully understand the laws associated with them. An experienced, board-certified Keller lawyer will understand how to assist you in the best way possible with your particular claim.


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