The Insurance Company Won't Treat You Right

The adversarial nature of a claim or lawsuit leads to the insurance company not treating the injury victim with fairness and common decency. This "attitude" comes out whether the injury victim has an attorney or not. We are used to this attitude, but it sure does make our clients mad. A good portion of our clients hire us after they get a bad taste in their mouth from trying to work with the insurance company adjuster on their own.

Here are some of the problems you might experience trying to deal with an adjuster on your own injury claim:

  • Delay in the investigation of your property damage
  • Refusal to authorize a rental car when the fault of the accident is clearly their own driver's
  • Unfair offer on your total-loss vehicle
  • Failure to accept full responsibility for the accident
  • Delay in confirming insurance coverage
  • Refusal to consider all bills you have incurred when making an offer
  • Refusal to consider the type of treatment you sought when making an offer
  • Arguing that because you delayed going to the doctor, you weren't really hurt
  • Telling you that the car damage is not enough for you to be hurt
  • Arguing that your injuries were caused by a previous injury (even though you were pain-free before the accident)
  • Not caring that your medical bills are going to collection and your credit is being ruined
  • Refusing to believe your claim of lost wages
  • Treating you with disrespect
  • Failing to return your calls
  • Not treating you professionally


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