Drunk Driving in Fort Worth, Texas

The roads and highways of Fort Worth have become a playground for drunk drivers who carelessly change the lives of others. Oftentimes, their consequences not only fail to match the crime, but they also fail to hold them entirely accountable for the pain they have caused others.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities accounted for 38 percent of overall fatalities in Texas in 2012. These numbers exclude those that were temporarily or forever unable to work and to support their families.

Fines or jail time for the wrongdoer will never be able to heal a broken neck or fill the void of losing a loved one, but seeking compensation from the driver can ease the burden that the driver has placed upon you and your family. 

Drunk drivers may be under the notion that their actions only affect those that they injure or kill, but they could not be more wrong. If a person dies at the hands of another as a result of drunk driving, that person’s loved ones are losing a parent, a child or a best friend.

One person’s fun night out gone wrong may later become someone’s real life nightmare.  Those who break the law must face the consequences and realize that lives can be ruined by their selfish actions.

Some accident victims are reluctant to turn to a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer simply because they are not sure what to expect. Or, some are willing to accept whatever insurance companies throw their way during the grieving or healing process. Seeking out a personal injury attorney in this situation will only provide you the knowledge and insight you need.

Many are also unaware of just how much their injuries will cost them in the future. While the hospital bills may seem to be the only problem immediately following an accident, the issue of returning to work or being able to have the same quality of life presents larger problems down the road.

Don’t let someone else’s negligent mistake control your future. Be sure to have a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer on your side during this time to make sure this doesn’t become the case.


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