Claiming for Tornado or Wind Storm Damage to a House or Business Property

If your home or businesses is located in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, there is a chance that you might experience significant damage to your property in event of a tornado or severe wind storm.


In April 2012, more than 200 homes were destroyed and close to 450 more damaged in the DFW region when 13 tornadoes touched down, according to estimates by the Red Cross. This estimate does not even take in to account any damage to commercial buildings.


In 2013, a tornado outbreak which occurred over several days from May 15-17, multiple tornadoes caused an estimated $272 million in property damage across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Alabama. This included damage to or loss of around 100 homes in Granbury, TX, as well as multiple other buildings throughout the North Texas area including houses, apartments, offices, businesses, and barns.


Your Legal Rights as an Insured Property Owner

Catastrophic weather events such as tornadoes, gales, windstorms and hurricanes can cause massive damage to property. In many cases, buildings are destroyed completely. When this occurs, you would naturally expect your insurance company to pick up the tab. After all, that is why you’ve been diligently paying them your premiums year-after-year.


The sad truth is that it’s only when you really need your insurance company to help you out, you realize just how self-centered they really are.


In my experience as a plaintiff’s insurance claims attorney, all insurance companies are interested in is making a profit. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem arises when the insurance company tries to rip off their customers by refusing to pay for damage which is clearly included in their property insurance policy.


Since the insurance company stands to lose a lot of money by paying out home or business property damage claims, they will either try to deny the claim completely, or only offer to pay out an insultingly low and insufficient dollar amount. This is especially true after a widespread meteorological event such as a tornado where they are likely to have a great many claims against them.


In these situations, the only way you can hope to be treated fairly and recover the full policy amounts that you are entitled to is to consult with a Dallas-Fort Worth insurance attorney who is experienced in handling real estate property damage claims.


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