What is a discogram?

As a Fort Wort persional injury lawyer, Mark Anderson is familiar with all kinds of medical procedures relating to the spine. It's very common for an accident victim to injure their neck or back and a common procedure used in treatment for this is a discogram.

What is a discogram?
Discogram x-ray

A discogram is a procedure in which x-ray dye is injected into the discs of the spine in order to show tears in the lining of the disc. After the dye is injected and an x-ray is administered, a neurosurgeon, (spine doctor), will observe the dye pattern for leakage outside the disc walls that indicate a tear.

Why does the doctor want to perform a discogram?

Usually, a doctor will perform a discogram to determine if your back or neck pain is from a degenerated disc and which exact disc is causing the pain. The discogram will show if a disc has begun to rupture or if it has tears. Doctors will then use this information to determine treatment options for your back pain and it will help your doctor prepare for surgery, should you need it. Discograms are usually done before surgery to help the doctor pin point where the problem is and what type of operation is needed.

Does it hurt?

When a normal disc is injected, you will usually feel pressure - not pain. If it is an abnormal disc getting injected, it could be painful. It's important to tell your doctor of this pain is usual or different. Patients are usually given some sort of sedation for relaxation, but you will be conscious for the entire procedure. A local anesthetic is used to numb the skin and superficial tissues.

How long will it take?

A discogram takes about twenty or thirty minutes per injection, and doctors usually only administer at maximum three or four injections per visit.

Many of our personal injury clients have had discograms for their back pain after being involved in an accident. It is a procedure that can save you time and money and enable you to get on the road to recovery.

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