Why Bedford Residents Should Pursue a Dog Bite Injury Claim

Fortunately, most Bedford residents will never have to hire a personal injury lawyer in their life. Most people will also never face a situation in which they are bitten or attacked by a dog. While most people fall into that category, there are some who are not as lucky.


Being attacked or bitten by a dog can be a physically and emotional scarring experience. The victims who face the most serious injuries are young children and the elderly- the people who can't fully defend themselves. Injuries range from puncture wounds to serious scratches and bites. Some injuries are even as extreme and complete disfiguration due to a serious mauling. These extreme injuries will require a series on injuries and will most likely leave scarring. While scarring does not physically cause pain, it can affect your quality of life and can cause emotional damage that is irreparable.


Recovery for dog bite or attack injuries come at a price- and a big one too. Stitches, surgeries, therapy and continued doctors' visits can add up quickly and can cause bigger financial problems than ever imaginable. This is where making an injury claim comes into play.


It is a common misconception that you can only make a claim against the negligent dog owner if it is known and can be proven that his or her animal has previously attacked someone else. The only thing that truly needs to be proven is that the dog owner or caretaker was negligent. Whether they failed to keep the dog on a leash in public or they failed to close the gate and their dog got out, the caretaker was negligent in his or her actions.


Even if the neighbor is a good friend it is important to realize you are not suing him or her, but instead making a claim on his or his homeowner's insurance. Some of my clients are reluctant about making a claim for this reason, but you are fully entitled to a fair share of compensation. As an experienced dog attack injury lawyer who has dealt with a variety of dog attack cases in Bedford, I am here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.



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