You Must Report All Your Injuries to Your Doctor

You must report all of your injuries to your doctor. The Anderson Law Firm has seen a number of situations where our clients reported the main problem they were experiencing that particular day, but failed to mention to their healthcare provider some of the other problems they had which they may have perceived to be minor. Failure to report your minor problems becomes an issue when those "minor" complaints fail to go away and ultimately end up being the main medical problems in the case. A common example of this is when an accident causes a major jerking motion of the upper body. This causes injury to both the neck and shoulder. If the neck is hurting more at first, then the shoulder injury may initially be ignored and not reported to the doctor. However, when the shoulder pain doesn't go away and the injured party finally reports it to the doctor, at that point the medical record doesn't present a well-documented "paper trail" for the insurance company (and ultimately the jury) to connect the shoulder pain to the accident. When the injured party testifies later on that his or her shoulder hurt from day one, it's so difficult to explain to the jury why he or she didn't report it to the doctor in the beginning. Report all of your injuries no matter how minor they may seem.

We encourage our clients to make a list of all their medical problems and take that list with them to the doctor. That way, they can be sure to remember and report everything that's wrong with them. It's important to list out not only all of your body parts that are hurting, but also to describe to your doctor how these problems are affecting you. For instance, if your back pain does not allow you to sleep well at night, be sure to tell the doctor about your sleepless nights. This information might give the doctor reason to treat the problem differently or prompt him or her to prescribe you pain medication or muscle relaxers to relieve that particular problem.

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