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If you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault, it can feel like your world has fallen apart. You're left with a damaged vehicle, you're missing work, and you've got painful injuries and mounting medical bills. Not to mention, dealing with the insurance companies after your accident is a confusing, daunting task. 

The award-winning car accident lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm are dedicated to helping accident victims in North Texas. 

Award-Winning Car Accident Attorneys

The Anderson Law Firm's founder Mark Anderson is one of the most recognized attorneys in our area. Most notably, Mark was named a Top Attorney by Fort Worth Magazine, and recognized as a 2016 Super Lawyer by Thompson Reuters. He is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is ranked in the top one percent of practicing attorneys in the United States, according to the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. ‚Äč

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Mark Anderson and his team have a record of success. 

What Our Personal Injury Firm Can Do For You

When accident victims come to us, it's often out of frustration with the insurance company. No one ever tells you how hard making a claim can be, especially when insurance adjusters refuse to call you back or create unfair excuses to deny your claim. 

We'll fight the insurance company so you don't have to. 

Insurance adjusters might find it easy to brush you off, but they won't be able to ignore us. Sometimes simply having a lawyer on your side forces the insurance company to stop messing around - they know we won't let them get away with undervaluing your claim or playing around with your case. 

We'll help prove the other driver was at fault. 

This is a sticking point for many car accident victims - you might know that the other driver caused your accident, but how can you prove it? We have over 40 years combined experience building cases and proving negligence. We know exactly what to look for, who to call and how to handle your case in the right way.

We'll immediately investigate your car accident. 

If we're going to convince the insurance company to pay you full compensation, words alone are not enough - we'll need to prove that someone else caused your car accident, and that your car accident caused your injuries. For this reason, quick and thorough car accident investigations are crucial, which is why we make yours a priority. Since evidence like skid marks, debris, vehicle damage, video camera recordings and injuries tend to diminish and disappear fairly quickly, we understand the importance of fast action.

We'll get you the compensation you deserve. 

If you've been in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you shouldn't have to pay the price. Under Texas law, you're entitled to compensation for your medical bills, missed work days, pain and suffering. The Anderson Law Firm can help you get it. 

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We have offices located in Fort Worth, Dallas, Keller and Arlington. If you are unable to drive, we will also gladly come to you. 

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