10-Year-Old Killed in Hydroplaning Accident - Can the Rain Be Blamed?

10 year old dies on highway


JOHNSON COUNTY - 10-year-old Vera Cowie of Euless was killed during a three car pile up on I-35. 

According to reports, a car heading southbound on I-35 hydroplaned on wet roads and hit an SUV. The SUV was forced across the median and struck an oncoming car. Vera Cowie was in the oncoming car. 

Who's fault is this accident? Can the rain be blamed? 

Unfortunately, rain isn't typically considered a valid excuse for a wreck. The car who hydroplaned will likely be found guilty for "failure to maintain control of their vehicle." When it's raining, cars are expected to slow down to safer rates. Driving too quickly in the rain leads to hydroplaning and is a common cause of poor weather accidents.


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