Fort Worth Distracted Driver Hits a Group of Motorcyclists

Three members of the Fort Worth Harley Owners Group were injured Saturday when a van careened into a group of 60 plus motorcyclists.  The group was on its way to Cornerstone Assistance Services in Fort Worth to celebrate a recent donation the group made to the charity in early July.
The bikers were riding in formation in the center lanes of eastbound I-30 through Fort Worth when a van in the right lane slammed into an exit barrier wall at the Lancaster exit near the I-30/I-35W interchange. The impact forced the driver’s airbags to deploy and she couldn’t see.  The van then veered into the middle of the motorcycles as a result.
Fort Worth Police attribute the accident to inattentive driving and say they don’t know what she was doing inside her car at the time of the accident. Many are speculating that she was texting when she veered into the wall twice before she could no longer see where she was driving due to the smoke in her car.
One of the drivers was flung 30 to 40 feet from his motorcycle, and has undergone leg and arm surgeries. The three motorcyclists that were injured will likely be facing a long stay at the hospital and an extensive recovery. It’s amazing that no one was killed in this accident.
Distracted driving, especially texting and driving, is such a huge problem that Texas drivers can’t seem to get away from. I hope that this can serve as a reminder that texting and driving is an extremely dangerous issue that needs to be taken seriously.
I recommend that these three injured motorcyclists meet with a board certified motorcycle accident injury attorney in order to begin a claim for their medical bills, pain and suffering, andlost wages. The Anderson Law Firm helps distracted driving victims get the compensation they deserve so that they can focus on a stress-free recovery. 
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