New Rules Allow Patients to Fight Surprise Medical Bills in Texas

New statewide rules help Texans avoid surprise hospital bills, which occurs when consumers are billed for out-of-network care.


The practice is called balance billing.  It often happens when patients go to facilities in their insurance network but are treated by doctors who are not in that network.  As a result, the patients are on the hook for the balance of the bill not paid by insurance.


The new rules, which went into effect last summer, fall under the umbrella of the Texas Department of Insurance and are designed to minimize balance billing.


By law, emergency room doctors have to treat every patient regardless of if they pay or how they pay. The problem happens when an insurance company and a doctor or hospital disagree on how much the insurance company should pay for a procedure or treatment.


As a personal injury lawyer, it is a part of my job to keep up with the ever-changing laws on the Texas level and the national level.  Your medical treatment is always be the most important factor following an accident, but it would not hurt to ensure that the doctor you're seeing is covered by your insurance.

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