Teens Injured in Police Chase: What Are the Passenger's Rights in Texas?

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The Accident

FORT WORTH - Early Monday morning, police attempted to pull over a four door Volkswagon for breaking several traffic laws.

Instead of pulling over, the teen driving the car - a 14-year-old - continued forward slowly. Then, when the teen reached the 4100 block of Hemphill Street, they sped up and police followed suit.

The teen driver lost control of the vehicle and wrecked into a pole. The driver and the 19-year-old female passenger were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Charges are currently pending against the teen driver and passenger. 


Single Vehicle Accidents and Speeding

Lately, it seems as if we've been reporting a lot on single-vehicle accidents, though it should come as no surprise. According to statistics from the International Institute for Highway Safetynearly half (48 percent) of all deadly Texas auto wrecks are single-vehicle. 

Speeding is largely to blame for the single-vehicle accidents we see around Dallas-Fort Worth. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drivers who speed are 40 percent more likely to get into a single-vehicle accident than those who don't, and that's assuming they're sober, undistracted and driving in clear conditions. 


Speeding Drivers and a Passenger's Rights in Texas

In the story above, we might wonder what caused the teen to speed away from the police or how fast they were going, but what about the passenger? She's been injured because the driver made a poor choice; what will happen to her?

As in any Texas auto accident, if you're injured as a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was speeding, you have rights. You can make a claim against the driver's insurance by filing an injury claim under their bodily injury (or liability) coverage. Filing a claim will allow the victim (you) to recover compensation for things like medical bills, missed days at work, etc. 

If the above coverage isn't sufficient to cover the cost of your injuries, you should check to see if underinsured motorist coverage is available to you. 

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