Three Lassiter Early College High School Seniors Injured in Wreck

Three Dallas ISD high school seniors were seriously injured in a multi-vehicle wreck in west Oak Cliff yesterday afternoon.


It is understood that the crash involved three vehicles were involved in the chain-collision which was triggered when one car attempted to pass an 18-wheeler, but the driver lost control and hit the curb.


The accident occurred on West Illinois Avenue, near South Hampton Road at approximately 2:30pm.


The three individuals injured in the wreck were all students at Lassiter Early College High School at El Centro College in downtown Dallas. They were on their way to a graduation rehearsal being held at Adamson High School.


The victims have been named as Delvin Washington, Devin Harper, and Kevin Ramos.


Delvin is understood to be in critical condition at Methodist Dallas Medical Center.


Devin and Kevin are said to be in fair condition, although both remain hospitalized.


Our thoughts are with them, and we wish them all a full and speedy recovery.

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