Will Texting and Driving Soon Be Banned in Texas?

texting and driving in texas

In 2011, Texas Legislature attempted sign into law a ban on texting and driving. While most lawmakers were in favor of anti texting and driving legislation, Gov. Rick Perry was not - he vetoed it.

Now, Gov. Greg Abbott has taken Gov. Perry's place and lawmakers are once again preparing to fight for statewide texting and driving laws. 

You can read about current texting and driving laws in Texas here

Currently, there isn't any kind of statewide ban against texting and driving in Texas, though it's not a free for all, either. Certain cities like Austin and San Antonio have enacted their own bans against texting and driving, and others are following suit; to date, 40 Texas cities have banned the practice. 

Will Gov. Abbott help push a texting and driving ban into action? On his campaign trail he said he didn't support a ban, but there is momentum building this session for the bill to finally become law.

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