$132,500 Settlement to Client After Car Accident

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. For Erin, she was driving through Grapevine like she always did and never saw the wreck coming. 

Left Hand Turn Wreck Causes Serious Injury

Erin was driving through Grapevine when she came to a red light. She waited until her light turned green, then proceeded. However, another car that had been waiting to turn left missed the light and hit the gas to try to make it through the intersection at the same time Erin did. The result was that the other driver slammed into Erin's car, causing serious damage and injury. 

After being rushed by ambulance to a nearby hospital, doctors diagnosed Erin with multiple broken bones. X-rays showed a lobulated appearance to Erin’s chest. As a result, Erin was forced to have surgeries to put plates and screws in order to secure her bones back into place. 

Erin came to us worried, stressed and disappointed that she wouldn't be able to enjoy the holidays due to the surgeries and pain she was in. Also, Erin was an avid musician and had to stop playing due to her injuries. She felt like the at-fault driver had stolen her happiness and she wanted compensation for all the medical bills, pain and suffering she'd had to endure. 

Case Summary 

Our attorneys took Erin's case into our hands and argued that the at-fault driver was negligent, and therefore responsible for paying for all of Erin's bills, plus compensation for her pain and suffering. We won $132,500 for Erin’s case. She was very grateful for the outcome. 

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Net settlement to client after expenses: $87,348.95

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