$752,500 to Truck Accident Victim

truck wreckWhen you're driving home from work, you're likely thinking about seeing your family and what's for dinner. Few people imagine that a tragic, life-changing event might occur, but that's exactly what happened to our client Melvin. 

Speeding Truck Causes Huge Accident

Melvin was driving home from work when suddenly a flatbed trailer truck - speeding at over 80 miles per hour - slammed into Melvin's truck, which in turn caused Melvin's truck to slam into the car in front of him. The pileup caused Melvin's vehicle to flip and he suffered serious injuries as a result.

Melvin was rushed to the ER in an ambulance, and doctors diagnosed him with disc protrusion and an impinged nerve root. Additionally, a neuropsychologist diagnosed Melvin with traumatic brain injury. Melvin’s medical bills skyrocketed above $100,000. Furthermore, the accident prevented Melvin from returning to work, meaning he lost wages and would have extreme trouble covering his medical bills. 

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Case Summary

When Melvin came to us, he was in a lot of trouble. Fighting trucking companies for fair treatment is never easy, and Melvin was only beginning to see how difficult the road would be. The trucking company denied fault, meaning they didn't want to pay for any of Melvin's medical bills, damage to his truck, or the wages he'd lost in the wreck. They certainly didn't want to compensate him for his pain and suffering. 

Melvin knew he couldn't fight this fight alone, so he hired us and we got right to work. We collected evidence about the wreck, built a strong case and threatened to take the trucking company to trial if they didn't cooperate. We used witness testimonies and expert opinions to prove that the trucker did indeed cause the wreck, and therefore Melvin's injuries. Under Texas law, the driver who caused the wreck is responsible for paying all damages and injuries associated with the accident. 

In the end, the trucking company gave in, and we won Melvin $752,500. Melvin knew that our attorneys would not stop until we won him the compensation that he deserved, and he's very pleased with the outcome. 

How the Anderson Law Firm Handles Truck Accidents

Net settlement to client after expenses: $436,450.86

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