Ashley Suffered Injuries Due to Water Park's Negligence

There’s a reason water parks have lifeguards at every corner – we need them to be the eyes and ears that keep us safe.

While at a local water park, Ashley decided to go down a tube slide. The slide was situated in a way that allowed you to enter from above, slide down a tube and shoot out into a pool. The water park should have had a lifeguard stationed to clear the area in the pool before letting the next person slide down. However, the lifeguard keeping an eye on the sliders was missing. In addition, the lifeguard at the bottom – the one with a clear view of the pool below – was also gone. As Ashley entered the slide, she couldn’t see the man standing in the pool in her direct path. As she slid down at a high rate of speed, she crashed into the man, suffering serious injuries, including a fractured leg.

Since Ashley worked mostly on her feet, she was unable to work without significant pain. She was prescribed a walker since she couldn't use crutches, which was clumsy and difficult to use. She was loosing wages because she couldn't work, and her medical bills were high. 

At that point, Ashley contacted us. We fought the water park on  her behalf, using evidence to prove that it was the park’s negligence that caused her injuries. We're glad we were able to win the money Ashley deserved for her pain, suffering and injuries, and she was very happy with the outcome of $25,000. 

Mark A. Anderson
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