Drowsy Driver Causes Wreck, Insurance Refuses to Pay, We Win $300,000

driver side swiped fort worthWe all know that other drivers can cause us danger, but Paul wasn't thinking about that as he drove through Fort Worth. He was thinking about his next work appointment, and getting there on time, and how the meeting would go. As Paul was driving, another driver traveling alongside him fell asleep at the wheel. The dozing driver's car drifted out of his lane and sideswiped Paul's car.

New Accident Hurts Old Injuries

Just as their cars touched, Paul jerked his car out of the way. Luckily, Paul was able to get away in time before their cars seriously collided. However, the jerking motion caused a re-injury to his neck and back. Though the incident seemed minor on the surface, the damage was serious.

Paul ended up needing two surgeries to treat his neck and back, and was forced off work for an entire two years under medical care. 

Since Paul was on the job at the time of the accident, his worker's compensation covered his medical bills and a portion of his lost wages. Unfortunately, worker's compensation doesn't cover everything. It won't pay 100 percent of lost wages and doesn't even touch compensation related to Paul's pain and suffering, which is a more abstract yet very viable category of compensation. 

The Insurance Company Refuses to Pay

When Paul came to us, we knew he deserved more than worker's compensation was giving him. The problem was the drowsy driver's insurance company. They swore they'd never pay Paul a dime for his injuries since there was hardly any property damage. We know from experience, however, that low property damage does not always mean low injury. In Paul's case, the drowsy driver hardly left a mark on his car, but his injuries were serious and long-lasting. 

After a long battle with the insurance company, we decided to take the case to trial. We knew Paul deserved the rest of his wages paid and his pain and suffering compensated. With the threat of a full-blown trial looming overhead, the insurance company broke under the pressure.

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Case Summary

We won our client $300,000 to cover Paul's medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering. It was a huge success Paul was very happy with the outcome. 

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Net settlement to client after expenses: $198,596.85

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