Failure to Yield Accident Victim Awarded $252,000

Motorcycle accidents are different than regular car accidents in several ways. First, the fact that motorcycles have to balance on two wheels to operate means that any sudden impact can cause an imbalance and, you guessed it, forces the motorcycle to topple over. Second, due to the fact that a motorcycle does not have a steel frame protecting the driver, a vehicle hitting a motorcycle can mean serious injuries for the motorcyclist. This is what happened to our client, Clinton.

A Costly Mistake

Clinton was riding his motorcycle in Bedford on a peaceful day. All was well when all of a sudden a vehicle failed to yield Clinton his right of way, causing Clinton to collide with the car. The impact’s force was so strong that Clinton was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. The doctor at the emergency room ordered medical imaging on Clinton’s head, chest, and pelvis, as well as other parts of his body. There, the doctor found a fracture on Clinton’s right fibula and right ankle. Clinton underwent multiple surgeries for his injuries, including an ankle surgery, a shoulder surgery, and an ankle surgery. After his surgeries, Clinton was diagnosed with a disc protrusion and multiple disc bulges in his spine, which required intense physical therapy sessions.

Case Summary

As you may have already imagined, Clinton’s medical treatment, multiple surgeries, and physical therapy led to a mounting medical bills over $100,000. Also, Clinton would have to wear special orthotics on every pair of shoes he owns because of his ankle surgery. On top of that, Clinton had incurred lost wages due to the accident and medical treatment.

When Clinton came to us, we knew he needed a fighting legal team on his side. We were able to schedule Clinton’s medical appointments and took care of the entire legal process surrounding his injury claim. Our attorneys were able to win Clinton’s case a $252,000 settlement offer. We made sure Clinton had his medical bills covered, his lost wages paid, and even the cost of future medical expenses fully covered. Clinton was able to recover without having to worry about how to pay for his medical bills, and he was able to do so with an experienced team of attorneys by his side.

Net settlement to client after expenses: $166,987.51

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