Hurt at a Store: Alex Injured in Home Depot in Weatherford, Texas

We've all seen the inside of Home Depot: lifts and workers moving about, wood and pipes being sawed, and shelves of merchandise that seems to reach a mile high. Similarly, there's lots on display: granite, refrigerators, washers, light fixtures, and I could go on. Still, despite the hustle and bustle inside Home Depot, most of us don't fear for our safety in the store. 

Alex was looking for new cabinets. He walked up and down the aisles opening doors and inspecting the wood, trying to decide which looked best. When he tried to open the doors on one particular set, however, the entire unit came crashing down on him. Later, a store employee would admit the unit should have been secured to the wall. 

Alex was rushed to the emergency room at Waterford Regional Medical Center. The x-ray did not initially reveal any fractures, but he was diagnosed with a contusion of the right lower leg. A few days later, Alex was still experiencing lots of pain so he returned to the doctor for another set of x-rays - this time, they found the fracture. 

When Alex came to us, he was worried whether or not Home Depot could be held responsible for his broken leg since he didn't know how to prove they caused the accident. Also, he was afraid Home Depot might reject his claim since there were several days (and one doctor's visit) between the time he'd been hurt and the time they found his leg fracture. Would Home Depot argue that the broken leg happened in those days in between? 

We knew that no matter what, Home Depot's negligence caused Alex unnecessary injury and pain and he deserved to be compensated for it. We got right to work on Alex's case gathering information, interviewing witnesses and reviewing documentation. We worked with Alex and his doctor to ensure all medical records accurately reported the incident and its outcome and finally we were ready to fight Home Depot to resolve the claim. 

Our firm worked to finalize a compromise of the claim against Home Depot, and Alex was very happy with the result of $22,500.00. 

Mark A. Anderson
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