Pedestrian on a Walk Gets Full Justice

Image result for jaw xrayWalks around the neighborhood are usually accompanied with relaxation, not pain. Such was the case for Jack who was casually taking a walk around a local road.

A Broken Jaw

As Jack was walking, the driver of a large truck got too close to the curb, failed to see Jack walking, and hit Jack with his side mirror. The impact of the truck left Jack with a very serious injury: doctors diagnosed Jack with a fractured jaw which required several screws and wires to be placed in his jaw as part of the treatment and surgery. The pain and suffering didn’t stop there for Jack: due to his medical treatments, Jack was left to figure out how he was going to handle all of the medical bills that came with the accident.

Case Summary

Jack, who is a very active person, was unable to continue his routine physical exercises and was unable to go on vacation with his wife, which they typically to at that time of year. Jack decided to contact the Anderson Law Firm because he knew that our award-winning attorneys could fight for his legal rights and compensation, and that’s exactly what we did. Our experienced attorneys were able to win Jack with the compensation he deserved!

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