We Got Abigail $312,500 Even Though She Didn't Have Health Insurance

MedStar Fort Worth, Texas ambulanceRear-end collisions are some of the most common in Texas. Usually, the rear-end driver is the one who's responsible, but sometimes it's not so clear. 

Abigail was a 57-year-old home health care worker who was rear-ended by a food delivery truck. Even though the physical damage to her car was small, Abigail suffered serious injuries to her shoulder, neck and hand.

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Big Injuries, No Health Insurance

When Abigail came to us, she didn't have health insurance and was very worried about paying for all her medical bills. One of the main reasons she called us was because she had heard we could help her get the treatment she needed, even without health insurance. We're glad she called. No one who is injured in a wreck should go untreated, and here at the Anderson Law Firm we often help car accident victims get the care they need, even if they don't have health insurance. 

We worked with doctors using a letter of protection to get Abigail treatment even though she didn't have health insurance.

She had multiple surgeries on her right shoulder, a carpal tunnel release surgery to her hand and chiropractic care. We also got Abigail home health care after her surgery since she lived alone and couldn't drive. 

We went to work on her case, too. Given the physical demands of Abigail's job and her injuries, her orthopedic surgeon testified that she could never perform the same work she did prior to the collision. We hired a vocational rehabilitation expert who said Abigail would be unable to return to the workforce given her educational level, age, and physical limitations. 

The at-fault driver's lawyer vigorously disputed all the medical treatment that was related to the collision - they didn't seem to think that rear-ending someone could cause such pain and injury. We used testimonies from Abigail's surgeon to prove them wrong. Rear-end accidents can absolutely cause the kind of pain and injury seen here, and Abigail shouldn't have to suffer for it. 

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Case Summary

We successfully won Abigail $312,500 to cover her medical bills, lost earning capacity, and the pain and suffering she'd had to endure. Abigail was very happy with the outcome. 

Net settlement to client after expenses: $202,578.97

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