Safe Driver Receives the Help She Deserved

Image result for rear endDriving safely does not always mean that other people will. This was the case for Samantha, who was driving on a total Fort Worth highway, when she noticed a large slide on the road.

Not All Drivers are the Same

Naturally, Samantha came to a stop. However, the person behind Samantha, failing to stop, impacted Samantha vehicle. After multiple visits to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Samantha with cervical sprain/strain, myalgia, and other painful injuries as a result of the accident, which created a medical bill of more than $20,000. Due to the accident, Samantha’s normal daily activities were turned into painful tasks, including walking, vacuuming, and attending her local fitness center.

Case Summary

Samantha knew that the medical bills were mounting, and knowing that the accident was not caused by her, she decided to contact the Anderson Law Firm. Here, our attorneys walked step-by-step with Samantha towards her path in receiving compensation. Our experienced professional team was able to give Samantha the compensation she deserved.
Mark A. Anderson
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