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Only one mini car out of 11 passed the overlap front crash test during The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s automobile crash test .

The ten other mini cars received marginal or poor ratings for structure and for allowing occupants too much forward motion in the event of the crash. These two tests are the most important in terms of occupant safety.

The Chevrolet Spark is the only mini car that passed the test and successfully passed four additional crash evaluations by IIHS. This earned the Spark a 2014 Top Safety Pick Award.

IIHS officials went on to say that results between the mini cars and larger, heavier vehicles with similar ratings should not be compared because of the obvious weight difference. Mini cars would be more dangerous in an accident with a larger vehicle.

These ratings prove that mini cars can be a great danger to its occupants and others on the roads. Although they may have environmental benefits that are appealing and cost efficient, their safety downfalls should be taken into consideration.

As a Tarrant County personal injury attorney , I believe that we must also take preventative measures with our safety. We now know that mini cars are potential driving hazards that provide just a small chance for survival in the event of an accident. From a precautionary standpoint, buying a car with a higher safety rating would be much more beneficial for you and your family.

In the event that you or a loved one are hurt in an accident involving any kind of car, please seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to guarantee full compensation for your injuries .