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While the majority of traffic accidents involving 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles are very dangerous, there are some that involve strange events.

There have been semi-truck accidents involving truck drivers that were intoxicated, falling asleep on the wheel, texting and driving, and doing other things that have placed other people in danger. However, an accident escape of pigs sounds like the plot of a movie. This is the case for a Thursday morning accident that involved an 18-wheeler, fire, and loose pigs.

A Toppled 18-Wheeler

The accident occurred early Thursday morning at around 6:30 a.m., when an 18-wheeler transporting pigs crashed against a vehicle, went into Interstate 45’s center median, which in turn caused the big rig to turn on its side. The big rig caught on fire, but there were no injuries involved, neither from the 18-wheeler, or the car that was involved in the accident. At this moment the cause of the accident has not been determined.

However, the unexpected happened: the pigs inside the 18-wheeler escaped! Officials handling the accident expressed that at one point they were dealing with hundreds of pigs. Reports have described how pigs were seen on the road, even as far as four miles from where the accident occurred. While there were no human injuries, some pigs were wounded, and even died, as a result of the wreck. For this reason, a crew specializing in materials that are hazardous was called in to help with the situation. An official with the Wilmer Police Department stated that another trailer from the same trucking company was going to arrive to transport the remaining pigs. The entire ordeal caused the highway to be closed for several hours.

What Should Drivers Do When the Unexpected Happens?

Although there is no specific way to prepare for the unexpected when the unexpected happens, there are several ways that drivers can be ready. An important part of making sure that everyone – or everything – is safe when the unexpected happens, such as animals being spotted on the road, is to keep an alert lookout. Instead of driving fast through the obstacle (which is dangerous and wrong), drivers should safely maneuver away from the danger and into a clear path. This will ensure that the driver, its occupants, and vehicle is safe, and the obstacle (or in this case, the animals), is also not harmed.

Driving is a very important responsibility, and it is important to be prepared for situations that are not always taught in driving schools. Whether it is you, your family, your friends, or animals that you are protecting, figuring out how to have the optimal level of safety in any given situation is always and important task that drivers should be committed to do. So, just how exactly can someone be prepared for an accident involving pigs? The answer is simple. By staying prepared, alert, and ready for any given situation, a safe driver will know just how to drive in any given information involving the unexpected.