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What is driving? It’s a method of transportation where a driver is in a vehicle and drives from point “A” to point “B”. What is intoxication? Intoxication is where a person has exceeded a certain level of alcohol, making their cognitive abilities impaired. What is drunk driving? Well, placing these two words together (driving + intoxication), entails a very serious and irresponsible action. It means that a driver has chosen to drive while being under the influence and the results can be deadly for the driver and others. Simple enough, correct? Although it should be, some people still choose to place others in harm’s way by making the terrible decision of drunk driving.

While it may appear to be a national issue, drunk driving accidents have occurred here, in our very own city, Fort Worth. Here are two real events that took place in Fort Worth that prove drunk driving is simply a bad idea.

Fort Worth Police Department Officer Hit by Drunk Driver

A police officer from FWPD, Officer Matt Lesell, was making a routine traffic stop on Interstate 30 recently, and everything seemed to be going normal. All of a sudden, a car being driven by drunk driver struck the vehicle the Officer Lesell stopped and sent him into the air for several feet. Although Officer Lesell was not severely injured, he is recovering from the accident and is now raising awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Intoxicated Woman Takes Officer’s Car

In similar news, a woman in East Texas was arrested on Sunday for taking a state trooper’s vehicle and driving off. According to official reports, the woman was handcuffed and placed in one of the front seats of a state trooper’s vehicle, when all of a sudden she moved her arms from her back to the front and drove away – all with the state trooper inside.

The state trooper hurried into a nearby sheriff deputy’s vehicle and chased the intoxicated woman for several miles. Although there were shots fired, no one was injured. The woman was stopped and arrested and faced several charges for the event she caused.

Call a Cab Instead

As has been previously mentioned, drinking and driving can bring disastrous consequences to other people and the intoxicated individual themselves. There have been many lives lost to the irresponsible actions of drunk drivers, and the two events that were discussed are only a sample of many dangerous close encounters.

Instead of driving drunk, drivers must take responsible measures that will get them to their destination safely, and ensure that others are equally safe. Calling a cab, going on a bus, or hopping on a train are all much better options than driving under the influence. Furthermore, with technology catching up to transportation, services such as Uber can make what would otherwise be a dangerous ending into a simple car ride home. Next time you see someone having a bit too much to drink or suspect that they have been drinking, you can be saving a life by calling a cab for them and avoiding them driving under the influence. We can all make the world a better place; it starts with us.