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At least two people are confirmed dead after an 18-wheeler crash this morning on westbound I-20. Investigators believe a vehicle rear-ended the back of a semi truck, causing the truck’s fuel tank to explode and a fire to erupt.

The truck was carrying lumber and so the fire spread quickly through its contents.

Police are still investigating the wreck and no further details are currently available.

Commercial truck wrecks tend to cause more damage and injury than car-on-car wrecks, which is why truckers must adhere to strict rules and trucking companies must carry $750,000 in insurance. This insurance is meant to protect innocent victims and their families in the case of trucking accidents. However, liability insurance is only available if the wreck was the trucker’s fault. For instance, if a trucker falls asleep at the wheel and rear-ends the car ahead, they’ll be responsible for paying the resulting damages and injuries.

In rear-end accidents in Texas (like this one), fault tends to lie with the car that did the rear-ending.