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Truck companies and their insurance carriers make it tough on Texas truck accident victims. Anderson Injury Lawyers get tough with them.

We identify all liable parties, collect evidence, and file claims with the insurance company so you can focus on healing from the crash. The insurance company may approach you with questions and documents, asking you to sign your rights away. Please talk to a truck accident attorney with Anderson Injury Lawyers before you speak to the insurance company.

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We Start an Investigation Right Away

The trucking company and the insurance company may have a team of investigators on retainer. They will send them out to the scene of an accident as soon as possible. It’s helpful to have an accident attorney with the resources to start an investigation for your case right away too.

The sooner your attorney can start an investigation, the better. Collecting evidence is time-sensitive. It’s not uncommon for trucks to get fixed, skid marks to disappear, and witnesses to clam up. You want to have as much proof of liability against the other party as you can.

We Deal With the Insurance Companies for You

You did not ask to be a truck accident victim, but you can ask for help from an attorney who understands these cases. Don’t answer any of an insurance adjuster’s questions before you speak with an attorney. Everything you say to the insurance companies may be used against you. Our truck accident injury lawyers can help you with your statement and claim.

If the other side wants to ask you questions about the accident, they can speak to us. You deserve time to rest, recuperate, and be with your loved ones.

Anderson Injury Lawyers wants to make all liable parties accountable for your injuries and damages. Some insurance companies do everything possible to delay or deny your claim. We are familiar with these tactics. If we cannot negotiate an acceptable settlement for you, we can take your case to court.

We Help You With the Law & More

You may have many needs after a truck accident. Medical treatment should be your primary concern. We work with doctors and specialists who treat truck accident victims. We are happy to provide a referral to a doctor who can help relieve your pain and get you started on a path to recovery.

It is also vital to properly document your injuries to pursue compensation for associated expenses.

We can help if your car needs repair or if you need to arrange for a rental. We know how important your car is to you and your family. It’s essential to find someone you can trust. Our team is here to help you select a reputable repair shop or dealer.

Let Anderson Injury Lawyers assess your damages for medical bills and lost pay. If you are unable to work, you should be compensated for lost wages. Give us your pay stubs, and we will fight for compensation on your behalf.

Call Anderson Injury Lawyers for Help Today

Trucking companies are aggressive when it comes to paying compensation. They have powerful teams of lawyers on their side. They may try to blame you or deny your rightful compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Their primary goal is to pay you as little as possible. We’re ready to fight for what you deserve.

If you or a loved one is a truck accident victim, call Anderson Injury Lawyers for help. You pay nothing unless we win. Call us today to get started: (817) 294-1900 or use our online contact form.