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You have to be careful who you speak with after an accident. Insurance adjusters will call you and ask for a statement. They may be nice and act like your friend. However, they are not on your side. Don’t trust the insurance adjuster.

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Why Should I Avoid Talking To the Insurance Adjuster?

The main goal of the insurance adjuster is to minimize the amount of money paid out to you. That’s their job. Their goal is to pay out as little as possible for your claim.

The insurance adjuster might be friendly, and they might be a nice person, but in the end, their goal is to avoid paying you the money you need to cover your losses. They want to lure you in and get you to accept a low settlement offer to make your claim go away.

The insurance company will get you to make a statement that can be used against you in your claim. They will twist your words and make the accident out to be your fault or say that you are not injured as severely as you claim. Everything you say to the insurance company can be misunderstood.

The Insurance Company Is Not on Your Side

Insurance companies have shareholders with an interest in making money. They make money by not paying claims or paying low amounts in claims. The more they have to pay in claims, the less their shareholders make.

Even your own insurance company is not on your side. You should work with an attorney any time you have to deal with an insurance company.

Don’t Sign Any Documents Presented by the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance company may present you with two general types of documents:

  • A medical authorization
  • A release

Don’t sign a blanket medical authorization. That allows the insurance company to go to any doctor you’ve ever been to and get your records. They will go back as far as they want to obtain that private, confidential information unrelated to your accident. In reality, they only need the records that are relevant to your injury.

When the insurance adjuster presents you with a release, they may tell you it will “put all of this behind you.” They will promise to cover your medical bills and give you some additional money for your “trouble.” Don’t fall for it. Any release that is given to you early on will not be fair. The insurance company does not have enough information to pay you everything you deserve.

Do not sign any forms until you speak with a board-certified injury lawyer.

Anderson Injury Lawyers Will Protect You From Insurance Adjusters

You should evaluate all of your options after a personal injury accident. Anderson Injury Lawyers will review your case and help you understand what it is worth. We won’t let the insurance adjuster take advantage of you.

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