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Driving can be a dangerous task when there are dangerous weather conditions on the road. Whether it is rain, snow, ice, or hail, adverse weather conditions can result in a terrible car accident. This was the case for a teenager whose drive home with her boyfriend turned into a fatal car accident.

A Fatal Ride Home

The accident occurred late Sunday night in Arlington on Interstate 20, when a 17-year-old male, whose name has not been disclosed at this time, was taking his girlfriend, 17-year-old Tabatha Romaker, to her home. Romaker was having dinner with her boyfriend and his family at a restaurant and were returning home. However, due to the rainy conditions during the weekend, the highway was still very much full of water.

According to officials with the Arlington Police Department, the accident occurred at around 9:45 in the evening close to the intersection of I-20 and Collins Street, when Romaker’s boyfriend was attempting to change lanes and the vehicle hydroplaned. The vehicle turned sideways and was consequently hit by a car on the highway.

Tabatha Romaker passed away from her injuries at approximately 4:02 am the following morning. Her boyfriend broke his jaw during the crash, and is reported to be receiving reconstructive surgery. However, his conditions are stable. The person driving the vehicle that impacted the car that Romaker and her boyfriend were in was transported to the hospital with non-serious conditions.

A Prospective Future

According to relatives and friends of Tabatha Romaker, Romaker had a bright future ahead of her. Romaker, only a senior at L.D. Bell High School, had recently been accepted to Texas Woman’s University and had the goal of being in the medical field, whether as a trauma nurse or as a brain surgeon. Romaker’s sister expressed that she was a very selfless, helpful, and willing person, and was very dear to her family and friends.

Should Teens Have a Driving Curfew?

Often a question of debate, the idea of teenagers having a certain time that they should not be driving on the road has been discussed for quite some time. This is due to many reasons. However, the principle and the main reason is for the safety of the teenagers. Due to their young age and inexperience, teenagers can be prone to making mistakes that can cause dangerous car accidents. By having teenagers home early, the possibility of them being in an accident can greatly be reduced. Also, visibility at one’s cognitive abilities don’t perform in their peak ability after the body has been active for many hours – such as the night – which could hinder the ability to make a safe decision effectively.

Teenage drivers could also have an evening restriction as to how far they can drive past a certain hour. For example, the distance between I-20 and Hurst is significant. For teenage drivers, driving experience is a skill that they have yet to produce, and perhaps driving a distance over half an hour past a certain time at night might not be a good idea. There are ways that teenage drivers can be kept safe and out of harm’s way and these methods must be discussed for the safety of young drivers.