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DALLAS – The family that survived a home explosion last month is looking for answers, reports WFAA 8.

On January 5, mother of two Megan Anderson reached to turn off the disposal in her kitchen. That’s when the kitchen wall suddenly exploded. Miraculously no one was killed, but Megan and her husband Jeremy are unhappy that the gas company, Atmos Energy, hasn’t provided a clear explanation for what happened.

Reportedly, when the Andersons told Atmos about the explosion the company moved them to an apartment and replaced the gas main behind their home. However, it’s unclear whether the gas main was really the source of the problem. Atmos is deferring to the regulatory investigators at the Texas Railroad Commission, saying it’s the Commission’s job to identify the cause of leaks, not Atmos’.

In the Andersons’ explosion, however, the Railroad Commission was never notified because there wasn’t enough damage and no one was hurt. This has left the Andersons feeling frustrated. They want Atmos to take responsibility and they think people deserve to know if the real problem could cause more explosions in the future.

The story of Megan and Jeremy isn’t the first instance of Atmos Energy behaving badly. ​We handled a case last year involving an Atmos gas leak that caused a home explosion with the family still inside. In both cases, the families didn’t smell the gas beforehand.

Natural gas is colorless and odorless, but gas companies add that “rotten egg” smell to it to make it more easily detectable. However, when gas travels through soil the smell is stripped away. This means that you could have a gas leak in your home without ever knowing it.

If ever you smell gas in your home or around your neighborhood, call your gas company immediately.