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A Fort Worth man was killed in a fatal car accident caused by a reckless driver near Athens, TX on Tuesday.

Blue Edwards, 64, of Balch Springs was driving along Highway 175 when a speeding pickup attempted to pass him in an unsafe manner, resulting in the pickup colliding with Edwards’ 2000 Lincoln Town Car.

The crash occurred at approximately 1:45 pm on Tuesday afternoon. Edwards was pronounced deceased at the accident scene.

The negligent driver of the 2007 Ford truck was identified as Edward Sparkman, 60, of Mabank. Also injured was his passenger, Raymond Joiner, 43, of Tool.

Edwards’ passenger, Vickie Reynya, 53, was also injured.

All three injured persons were transported to local hospitals in either Athens or Tyler with what are understood to be serious injuries.

As a Dallas auto accident lawyer , I would like to express my condolences to Mr. Edwards’ family, as well as to wish all those injured a full and speedy recovery.

I can only hope that Mr. Sparkman had enough insurance to sufficiently compensate those affected by his incredibly dangerous and reckless actions.