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A passenger car travelling at speeds over 100 mph crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler early Wednesday morning. The crash took place on I-30 eastbound at Ferguson Road.

According to reports, the force of the car hitting the 18-wheeler was so great that the truck lost control and flipped on its side after hitting a barricade. Neither the driver or passenger of the truck were seriously injured. The car, however, caught fire after hitting the 18-wheeler and travelled several hundred feet until coming to a stop after hitting road barriers. The occupants of the car were not able to escape the burning car, and the three of them passed away.

I-30 was closed until the accident was cleared and a hazardous materials crew cleared the road from spilled gasoline from the 18-wheeler.

As a car accident attorney, I know how difficult the aftermath of a wreck like this can be. I wish the victims and their families a speedy recovery.