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Supreme Court Rules Child Porn Victims Can Sue Porn Traffickers

As a child injury attorney and a father myself, I think that the sexual molestation or abuse of a child is one of the most disgusting and despicable acts a person can commit. I am incredibly grateful for the work of those…

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Teen Killed in North Richland Hills Car Accident | Fort Worth Law

North Richland Hills – Last Saturday, 15-year-old Kendall Clark was in the car with her mom when their vehicle was struck by a Jeep. The Jeep hit the passenger side where Kendall was sitting as Kendall’s mom was making a…

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Texas Supreme Court Refuses Compensation for Brain-Injured Child – Here’s Why

A Texas teenager born with severe brain damage is unable to sue her El Paso doctor and hospital for her birth-related injuries. The reason? Her mother waited too long to file suit, the Texas Supreme Court ruled this month. In December of…

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Don’t Eat Tide Pods. Here’s Why

Every once in a while there is a new fad going around among the younger population. As absurd as they may sound, some kids are actually taking part of challenges and sharing them on social networks for everyone to see….

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Texas Foster System Will Enforce Stricter Rules

Texas protective services officials moved closer Friday to tightening the vetting procedures for prospective foster parents and relatives who provide care. There has been proven to be gaps and loopholes in screening regulations and procedures for these potential foster parents….

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Two-Year-Old Hit by Car Dies in Crowley

A Terrible Tragedy An accident occurred Wednesday morning in the City of Crowley that left a two-year-old girl dead. The accident took place in South Oak Street’s 400 block, where a car hit the child a very short distance away…

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