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Two Dogs Attack Cleburn FedEx Worker. What’s the Law on Dog Bites in Texas?

CLEBURNE – A FedEx driver was attacked by two dogs while delivering packages Thursday. The driver was transported to Fort Worth’s Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. His condition is currently not known. Sadly, “on the job” dog attacks are all…

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Lillian’s Law: What it Means for Texas Dog Bite Victims

As a Fort Worth dog bite attorney, I know that injuries suffered in attacks by vicious dogs can be extremely severe. Although dogs are commonly regarded as domesticated pets, they are still animals with impulses. When a dog attacks a…

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Injured by an Animal? Rabies and Animal Quarantine Law

Whenever a person is bitten, mauled, or otherwise attacked by a dog or other mammal, there is a risk of rabies. Rabies is one of the most serious diseases that you can contract. As the sections below will mention, there are certain steps…

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Who’s Responsible for a Child Dog Bite – The Parent or Dog Owner? Texas Dog Bite Law Explained

If you’re in need of immediate assistance with your case, contact the Anderson Injury Lawyers in Fort Worth today at 817-717-4731. Every year, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs. Children are by far the most susceptible (according to AMVA). Young children…

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Airbnb Dog Bite | Here’s What to Do if the Host’s Dog Bit You

It hasn’t taken long for Airbnb to become a global entity in every traveler’s arsenal. Through the Airbnb website, hosts can rent rooms in their own homes to travelers for a fraction of what competitors charge. It’s like starting a bed and breakfast without bothering…

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If Someone’s Dog Bites You On Your Own Property, Who’s Liable?

The laws surrounding dog bites and liability in Texas aren’t always straightforward, but here’s what you need to know if someone else’s dog bites you on your own property. Who’s Liable for the Dog Bite? Generally, the dog owner is responsible…

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Fort Worth Dog Ordinances | What’s the Law on Keeping Dogs?

Fort Worth has specific laws on the restraint and keeping of dogs within city limits. The purpose of these rules is to keep others safe and, in the event of a dog attack, to make victim’s rights clear. Rules of…

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