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Drunk Driver Hits Police Vehicle, Arrested

32-year-old Motty Key was arrested on Saturday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol and hitting a Fort Worth police officer’s vehicle. The accident took place at Montgomery Street and West Freeway, where the officer was at the scene…

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Is a Drunk Driver Entitled to Compensation For an Accident They Caused?

I’ll start with a disclaimer: I do not endorse drinking and driving. If you drink and drive, you’re committing a serious, reckless and reprehensible offense. If you think you’re even slightly tipsy, I urge you not to get behind the wheel….

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Summertime Drinking and Driving Begins

Arlington police say a suspected drunken driver crashed into a patrol car while an officer on DWI patrol was responding to a major accident call over the weekend. The officer and the driver were treated and later released from a…

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Grieving Mother Wants Harsher Drinking and Driving Laws

Around one year ago, 19-year-old Naiim Bethea lost his life after being hit by a driver and falling into a ditch. 31-year-old George Roarx was the driver who hit Bethea, and police have said that his blood alcohol content at…

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No Progress in Drunk Driving Wreck that Killed OSU Student

No progress has been made in the drunk driving incident involving Oklahoma State University student Kasey Waychoff. The 19-year-old was spending her spring break vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. She was walking down the street with friends when she was…

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Ex-Cowboy Josh Brent Convicted of Intoxication Manslaughter

More than two years after then-Dallas Cowboys players Josh Brent and Jerry Brown Jr. went on a drunken joyride that resulted in Brown’s death, Brent has been convicted of intoxication manslaughter. Brent, a former defensive tackle for the Arlington-based NFL team, crashed…

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Ethan Crouch To Learn Probation Terms

Ethan Crouch, the teenager who killed four people in a drunk driving accident last June, will learn the terms of his probation and where he will be living today. The judge’s sentencing of 10 years of probation in 2013 sparked…

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