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Police Vehicle Hit by “Pokémon Go” Player

A quiet night for many was interrupted by a car accident caused by a man playing the latest smartphone game “Pokémon Go” in Baltimore, Maryland. However, the vehicle hit did not belong to a common pedestrian; it belonged to one…

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Six Flags Sues Manufacturer of Deadly Texas Giant

Six Flags has announced that they are suing the German manufacturer of the deadly Texas Giant rollercoaster ride following the death of Rosy Esparza at the Arlington amusement park last summer. Six Flags is suing Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, claiming that the flagship…

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What To Do If You’ve Received a Bill From Emergency Services Following Your Auto Accident

If you’ve been in a car wreck, motorcycle accident or truck crash and you were not the motorist at-fault for the accident, then Texas law allows you to claim damages from the other driver’s insurance company. This includes compensation for bodily injury, property…

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Woman Dies in Fatal I-35 Motorcycle Wreck

Motorcycle accidents are very dangerous and can hold serious injuries to those involved. This was the case for a North Texan woman on Friday, whose motorcycle ride turned into a tragedy. Although many people hear of motorcycle accidents, it is sometimes…

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S*** Happens

Whenever a person is seriously injured, it is no laughing matter. However, even our staff couldn’t help but find some amusement in these two commode-related accident cases that occurred recently. Naturally, of course, we have the greatest sympathy for the…

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Fort Worth Bus Crash Causes Several Passenger Injuries

Several people were sent to the hospital Friday morning after a crash involving a city bus. It happened on McCart Avenue in Fort Worth at around 8:30. A vehicle was making a left hand turn into a Chase Bank parking…

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Wisconsin Driver Crashes After Drunk Driving and Playing “Pokémon Go”

A 26-year old man was taken to the hospital after crashing into a tree early Monday morning in the town of Verona, Wisconsin. The vehicle of the driver, who was distracted by the game “Pokémon Go,” caught on fire, but the man…

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