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Pleasant Grove Car Accident: Woman Hits Pedestrian on Purpose

Pleasant Grove – A woman was thrown in jail after purposely hitting and killing a pedestrian with her car Friday. Caeadra Brown, 22, wrecked her car into another woman, Ereail Mitchell, 26, on the 1200 block of North Masters Drive….

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Stunt Cyclist Rides Across Top of Seventh Street Bridge

Professional BMX stunt rider Matt Olsen got a lot of attention for himself this weekend after he rode his bike across the top of the arches on West Seventh Street Bridge on Saturday afternoon. A video of the stunt has been doing…

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Tape Measure Falls from High Rise, Kills Man. Who’s At Fault?

A construction worker working on the 50th floor of a high rise condo accidentally dropped his tape measure on a man below, killing him. The 58-year-old victim, Gary Anderson, was another on-duty construction worker who wasn’t wearing his hard hat…

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Soldier Thrown from Truck Bed, Dies in Bell County. What’s the Law in Texas?

The Truck Bed Accident Monday, four active duty soldiers were hog hunting. Two sat in the front of the truck and two were in the bed. The driver reached the gate of the property when he noticed the two in…

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How to Know Who Is At Fault in a Pedestrian Accident

If you were hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk and you were hurt , it’s vital that you know your rights in Texas. In order to make a claim against the at-fault driver and to recover compensation for…

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