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The Story

DALLAS – A 2-year-old was left in a hot car in front of her house after her family came home.

According to Child Abuse Unit investigators, the child’s parents returned home from an outing and went inside to take a nap. They thought all of their children had come inside with them, but later the girl’s father went outside to work on his car and found her strapped in a child safety seat.

The dad took the child inside and called 911 while the mother performed CPR. The mother then drove the child to the hospital where the girl was pronounced dead.

Is It Illegal to Leave a Child in a Car in Texas?

Yes. Leaving a child unattended in a car is a crime in Texas. Specifically, the law forbids parents or caretakers from knowingly leaving a child in a car for longer than five minutes, knowing that the child is:

  • Under seven years old
  • Not with an adult or child of 14 or older

Leaving a child is a car is called neglectful supervision and will be investigated by Child Protective Services.

Especially in Texas, there’s a high risk of heat exhaustion or stroke if you leave a young one in a car.