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There is always a possibility that a child could get hurt at daycare, but a child’s death at a daycare is not nearly as common. It is every parent’s worst nightmare that their child gets hurt while in the care of another person, let alone dies while in the care of someone who promised a safe environment for his or her child.

It is a daycare’s duty to care for the safety of your child and to ensure that they are never in any danger. Because daycares tend to be understaffed or have inexperienced staff, these two duties can sometimes be neglected.

This is exactly what happened to seven- year- old Jordan Arredondo from Corpus Christi. He suffered serious head injuries that led to his death after a television fell on him at his local daycare. No details have been released about the specifics of the incident, but there are only a few possible scenarios that could have happened.

It’s possible that the television was improperly mounted to the wall and fell as a result, or the television could have even been on a stand and tipped over onto Jordan. No matter what truly happened, the daycare neglected to keep Jordan safe.

Jordan Arredondo deserves a child injury lawyer who will fight against this daycare for his wrongful death. Jordan’s parents have the ability to make a wrongful death claim against the daycare if that is something they want to pursue. I will continue keep the Arredondo family in my thoughts during their grieving process.