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CORPUS CHRISTI – Early Wednesday night, a bicyclist was riding down Airport Road in Corpus Christi when he was hit by a truck . The man was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and is currently in critical condition. As of yet, no charges have been filed and the accident is under investigation.

Accidents like these, especially so close to home, bring up lots of questions. Namely, how did this accident happen? And what are the laws regarding bicyclists sharing the road in Texas?

I cover the topic in detail in my article: Bicycle Accident Claims.

However, generally speaking bicyclists are legally allowed to ride in roadways, and other drivers should treat them as if they were cars. If a car needs to pass a bike, they must leave at least three feet in between. Similarly, when a bicyclist rides on a street, they’re expected to comply with the rules of the road: stop at stop signs, signal before turning, etc.

An investigation into the accident should uncover whether the bicyclist wasn’t following the laws on the road and if the trucker was at-fault.