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An accident occurred Sunday afternoon in northwest Dallas where 3-year-old Jorge Neri was killed after a driver ran over him and fled the scene of the accident. The incident took place in a mall parking lot, where the boy was with his mother and grandparents, who were visiting from Wichita, Kansas for a family reunion.

Witnesses note the driver – who was driving a pickup truck – was speeding, hit the boy, and drove off. Dallas police are looking for the driver, who they believe is Ramon Garcia-Ruiz. Garcia-Ruiz is the registered owner of the pickup truck, and police believe he was driving it at the time of the accident. The truck’s license plate number is LCM2124.

Police encourage anyone with information in regards to Garcia-Ruiz’s whereabouts to contact the Dallas Police Department.

Hit and run accidents like this one happen more often than you’d think. My firm gets calls from victims of hit and runs all the time, and the injustice of it is always infuriating. We hope the victim’s family in this accident gets the justice they deserve.