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As adults, many of us have fun and joyful memories from playing on playgrounds as kids. Whether it was being on the swings or playing in the sandbox, playgrounds were an important part of our infancy. While many joyful memories exist, however, some of us remember painful memories. This could stem from having a bad fall or a breaking an arm while playing, or seeing another kid have a painful experience. Playgrounds, as much as they are fun, can bring painful injuries.

Playgrounds are an integral part of many daycare centers across Texas and the United States. Playgrounds are used mainly during recess, where kids take advantage of imagining adventures and daycare staff take a moment or two to relax for all of the running around they have to control in the classroom. It is in these brief moments of rest that children can become injured.

If a child is injured, could it have been because an adult was not paying attention to what they were doing? Were the kids allowed to play in an area they weren’t supposed to without supervision? These questions can come up if a child is injured because of the daycare’s negligence to supervise them while they were playing on the playground. The attorneys and legal team at the Anderson Injury Lawyers take playground injuries very seriously, and we make sure to hold those responsible for your child’s accident and injury accountable.

Injuries from Playground Slides

One of the most common components of a playground is a slide. In fact, many of us wouldn’t even consider a playground to be complete without at least one slide being available. While slides are key component of playgrounds, they can turn a fun experience into a trip to the hospital.

There have been many accidents and injuries reported from kids who have used slides. For example, kids can become injured if they hit their head on the top railing. The combination of fast movement, a metal railing, and a sensitive head can lead to skull fractures. Similarly, if kids are rushed to go down a slide, they can topple over and land on an arm or leg, which can easily fracture with the weight of gravity being exerted as they slide down.

Daycare staff are tasked with making sure kids go down slides properly and without any hurry, which are two very important things that can avoid accidents. Failure to properly supervise kids while they are using slides can cause the daycare to be held at-fault for your child’s injuries.

Injuries from Playground Swings

Playgrounds swings have a similar feature to playground slides, in that while they can be very fun, they can also bring serious injuries.

Although there may be less chances of injury on swings, the injuries that can occur can be very painful. These accidents and injuries that can occur include:

  • Jumping off from a swing at a high height. A child that is less than five feet tall that jumps from a height of 10 or more feet can lead to a broken bone or arm. Furthermore, if the child lands on a hard surface such as concrete, the sudden stop and combination of momentum can generate subsequent injuries.
  • Being entangled in between the ropes of a swing. When a child is on a swing and their neck becomes entangled with the swing ropes, asphyxiation can occur. The loss of oxygen to the brain, especially when it is developing, can lead to serious physical and neurological injuries, even if the loss of oxygen was for less than a minute. Furthermore, the metal chains that some swings have can cause the neck to be injured, and breathing can be negatively altered as a result.
  • Being hit by a swing. If your child is not on a swing, it is still possible they can be hurt by a moving swing. An impact to the head or face by a moving swing can lead to painful injuries.
  • Being hit by another child that is on a swing. If a child is hit by another child, such as if they were hit by child that was on a swing’s feet, the force can knock the child that was hit onto the ground hard and can cause injuries to occur.

Playground swings, while they can be very come, can also be very dangerous as you can probably tell. If your child was injured in a playground accident that involved a swing at their daycare, we would hold an investigation to see how and why the injury occurred in the first place.

Injuries from Playground Climbing Nets

Remember when climbing nets in a playground let to imaginative adventures, and let you feel like you were climbing on a mountain? Climbing nets can become areas of fun, yet they can also involve serious accidents.

If an arm, foot, or leg gets stuck in the net, or if a fall occurs from a climbing net, it can mean painful injuries for your child. An injury can also occur if your child falls from a climbing net but a body part is stuck on the net. The weight of the child combined with the force of gravity can cause an arm to be dislocated, and once the child falls an arm can become broken by the unexpected fall.-

Was a daycare staff responsible for your child’s climbing net injury? Where there too many kids on the climbing net? The Anderson Injury Lawyers would be tasked with investigating the details.

Was Your Child Injured at a Playground?

If your child was injured at a playground in their daycare center, this may be a painful and frustrating time for you and your family; painful, because the injuries themselves hurt your child and frustrating because they could have probably been avoided. We understand this may be a difficult time, which is why when you bring your case to us, we take care of the entire process for you and your family.

All we want you focusing on is one thing: your child recovering. Call us today to discuss your child’s injury with an attorney at the Anderson Injury Lawyers. We are here to help.