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When people think of car accidents, they typically think of one or more vehicles colliding with one another. Sometimes the drivers walk out fine, and other times there are minor injuries involved. Insurance companies repeatedly inform their customers what to do in situations when a car accident has occurred, such as how and when to contact their insurance adjuster and what to expect during the claims process.

In contrast, there are car accidents that involve only one vehicle. This means that only one driver was involved and one vehicle. Car accidents involving a single driver can equally be as dangerous as car accidents involving multiple drivers and their vehicles. As this story will show, a slight driving mistake can lead to a disastrous outcome.

Time and Speed

A fatal car accident occurred on Tuesday early in the morning in Denton, according to safety officials. Around 5:30 in the morning, a 32 year-old male was driving a Nissan Altima on Interstate 35 (I-35 N) close to Milam Road. Everything seemed to be fine, when the driver – whose names has not been disclosed until officials notify his family of the situation – lost control after a failed attempt to cross the two lanes of the highway, causing his vehicle to go into the road’s median.

Possibly due to high speeds (according to witness testimonies) and combining with a loss of control, the vehicle impacted a light pole’s concrete base. The impact was so strong that the vehicle’s engine was separated from the vehicle. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene. Although there were no other vehicles involved in the accident, two vehicles that were passing withstood small damage due to the debris that was launched from the vehicle upon impact.

Was the Magnitude of the Car Accident Severe?

This car accident appears to have been more severe than traditional car accidents, specifically in the degree of the impact that the vehicle withstood. Taking into account the story, there are two identifiers that can demonstrate that the vehicle’s collision is worth noting. First, considering the fact that the engine was separated from the vehicle, it is a clear indicator of how hard the vehicle hit the concrete base of the light pole. Vehicle engines are placed inside the front of the vehicle with very tight bolts and components, and for it to be separated from a vehicle means that an impact had to be strong enough for steel and metal components to be separated from the car.

Furthermore, it is also important to analyze the fact that other vehicles were affected by the debris that was launched by the vehicle’s impact. Vehicle debris is typically rather small sections that have come off, and for it to either scratch or pierce another vehicle means that the momentum of the vehicle was very strong to have the force of coming off the vehicle, into the air, and into another car.

Finally, taking into account that the accident occurred very early in the morning (5:30 a.m.), the driver might have been drowsy or speeding to a specific place. This is why driving between late at night and early in morning can be very dangerous. If you need to get to a certain place in an early hour, make sure to get enough sleep and plan ahead before making a trip. It could save your life!