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Texas potholes are more than just an annoyance. Each spring, North Texas is bombarded with rainfall, causing an increase in the number of potholes – and the amount of damage they cause.

Fort Worth’s street superintendent Allen Hall has addressed the issue, sending out all available trucks and road crews to fill the holes and prevent new ones from forming. In the last two weeks, the Fort Worth crews have filled about 1,500 potholes.

In Dallas, that number is even higher.

So what happens if you damage your car on a pothole?

Potholes can cause all kinds of damage to vehicles, including steering system misalignment, bent rims and full on tire puncture. Luckily, collision coverage covers pothole damage. However, collision coverage is optional, and some drivers skip it. Check your policy to see if it applies to you (and if not, consider adding it to your plan!).

In my experience, pothole damage costs drivers anywhere between $300 and $700, though that number can shoot up if another car is involved. Either way, that’s not pocket change. I get a lot of calls from people who want to know:

Can an organization (like a grocery store) be held responsible for pothole damage to my car that happened in their parking lot?

You aren’t guaranteed reimbursement, but you can certainly try. Retailers have a responsibility to keep their parking lots safe. However, in order for a company to be found at-fault for your pothole damage, they had to have known about the pothole and done nothing about it. And, as an extension, you have to be able to prove that they knew about the pothole, and then prove that they did nothing to fix it.