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Texas sits in the number one seat for commercial truck inspections performed in 2013, with a whopping 534,304 inspections performed last year. The trend is expected to continue.

Why do we care?

These inspections are part of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s response to a less cheery statistic – Texas is ranked the fifth highest state for truck-involved fatality crash density, meaning there are more fatal truck wrecks per square mile in Texas than in 45 other states.

That’s not good… 

No, it’s not. While many truck wrecks are caused by bad truck drivers, many others are caused by faulty truck parts like lights, brakes and tires. If you have to hit your brakes when driving, for instance, you expect the truck behind you to be able to hits theirs as well. And yet, more and more trucks are driving on our highways with broken equipment, putting everyone at risk.

Who’s responsible for a wreck caused by a truck malfunction?

The trucking company, the truck driver, the truck’s technician and the party responsible for maintaining the truck can all be held accountable for the wreck, since part malfunctions are typically caused by negligent maintenance. Each of these parties has potential liability for a part failure, and thus a thorough investigation must be performed following an accident.

I’ve been injured in a trucking accident. What now? 

Assuming you’re well enough, take stock of the situation. Gather evidence, talk to witnesses, take photographs and write down important information. Then, call your personal injury attorney. Truck wrecks are no laughing matter – often, there are huge injuries caused by serious trucker negligence. It’s vital that your attorney and their investigators gather evidence to prove who’s fault the wreck was before too much time passes. The earlier you contact your lawyer, the greater your chance of obtaining a strong recovery.