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You will have many worries after a personal injury accident; the situation can be very stressful. On top of going to medical appointments and trying to get back to work, you may want to know if you’re going to have to testify in court. The answer is, it depends.

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When Would I Have To Testify in Court?

Most personal injury cases settle before they ever go to court. Even if you file a lawsuit, it’s unlikely that you will go to trial. A lawsuit simply shows the insurance company that you mean business.

If your case is one of the few that does go to court, you may have to testify in front of a judge and jury. Your attorney will make sure you are prepared for such a situation. They can ask you potential questions and help you formulate answers that will benefit your claim.

How Will I Tell My Side if I Don’t Testify?

Your attorney will also use everything you tell them as evidence in your case. Anderson Injury Lawyers makes sure you get a chance to tell your side of the story, and we will use that information to develop a case. We will listen to you and determine who is at fault and how to proceed with your claim.

Your attorney will likely tell parts of your story through demand and negotiations with the insurance company. They will point out how you were injured and how you say those injuries have impacted your life. This information will be used to help you get compensation.

As part of the lawsuit discovery process, you may also submit to a deposition. In a deposition, you will sit down in front of attorneys from both sides and answer questions. You will be sworn in, and your answers will be recorded. The information you provide during a deposition will be used similarly to testimony in a case.

What Kinds of Questions Will Be Asked if I Have To Testify?

Both your attorney and the attorney who represents the at-fault driver’s insurance company will ask you questions if you testify in court. Anderson Injury Lawyers will make sure you are fully prepared for any questions that may be asked.

Some common questions you may be asked during testimony include:

  • What were you doing just before the accident?
  • Have you ever been in an accident like this before?
  • Did you go to the emergency room immediately after your accident?
  • Have you followed all of your doctors’ orders?
  • How have your injuries impacted your life?
  • Was anyone else present at the time of the accident?

Many other questions will depend on the type of personal injury case in which you were involved.

Anderson Injury Lawyers Will Make Sure You’re Ready if You Have To Testify

It’s unlikely that you will have to testify in court. However, if you do, it’s essential to be ready for anything. Anderson Injury Lawyers has the trial experience necessary to make sure you are prepared.

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