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Frequently after a car accident, the insurance company will contact you right away. They will try to get you to take a low settlement amount and sign a release, relieving the insurance company and the insured of any further responsibility. Do not sign that release before you speak with an experienced car accident lawyer.

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What Is an Insurance Release?

An insurance release form is a document that the insurance company will try to get you to sign to release them from having to pay you any additional money. You will be required to sign an insurance release before they will give you a settlement.

The document is often called a “Release of All Claims” form. It agrees to resolve the parties’ differences, dismiss the claims, and release the insured of any liability. It is also called a waiver form.

A release form should have all relevant information regarding the claim, including:

  • Details of the accident
  • Identification of all parties
  • Your claim numbers and details
  • Payment amounts
  • Governing laws

When Will the Insurance Company Present the Release?

Some insurance companies are so scrupulous that they will approach you in the hospital, especially in terrible accidents. Trucking insurance companies are known for underhanded actions like making lowball offers that won’t cover all of your losses and then asking for a release.

If you work with an attorney, the insurance company will wait to present a release until you’ve negotiated a fair settlement. Your attorney will put the release on hold and will not let them take advantage of you.

What Happens if I Sign a Release and Have Additional Expenses?

If you sign a release before you get all of your expenses covered, you may have to pay for the rest of them yourself. For example, if you accept $10,000 from the insurance company and sign a release, but you have $13,000 worth of medical bills, you may have to pay for the extra $3,000 on your own.

However, if an insurance company took advantage of you while you were incapacitated, you may have additional options. For example, if you were heavily medicated in the hospital and could not knowingly sign a release, then we may be able to get the release invalidated.

Anderson Injury Lawyers Can Help You Navigate a Claim

If an insurance company approaches you after an accident and requests that you sign a release, do not do it. Wait until you speak with an attorney who can guide you through your claim.

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